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Fashion Obsessions

Metal studs. Spikes. Bows. Animal print. Lace, Lace, & M0RE lace! Leather♥. Pink, please. Stripes! Uggs & Flats. Tote bags. I can't get enough. High-end makeup. I don't do drugstore brands. Throw some glitter on that bitch! Belts. Nail polish. Knee-high socks. Fishnet stockings. Chains. Above all-- my Dogtags♥. They're more than fashion.

Brenda Marissa's
Fashion Obsessions

Sweat pants. Leggings-- because real pants are uncomfortable. Boots. Scarves. I live in my Toms. Chapstick. My running shoes. Nail polish. Especially orange. Cardigans. Heart-shaped accessories. Earrings for my cartilage piercing. SF Giants gear! Sweatshirts of all kind. Satchels!

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She’s my favorite of the three Kombat girls ^__^

She’s my favorite of the three Kombat girls ^__^

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